Enchanted Forest Character
Biographical Information
Counterpart: Belle French
Status: Alive
Home: Dark Palace
Occupation: Castle Servant (formerly)
Physical Description
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Current allies:
  • Sir Maurice (father)
  • Peter Pan (father-in-law)
  • Colette (mother)
  • Unborn son
  • Baelfire/Neal Cassidy (step-son)
  • Henry Mills (step-grandson)
  • Gaston (ex-fiancé)
Current Allies:
Show Information
Portrayed by: Emilie De Ravin

Belle is a character on ABC's Once Upon a TimeShe is portrayed by starring cast member Emilie de Ravin, and is the Enchanted Forest counterpart of Belle French.

Belle is based on Beauty from the fairy tale "Beauty and the Beast"; and on the character of the same name from the Disney film Beauty and the Beast.

Current alliesEdit

Current enemies Edit


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