Cordelia, also known as the Green Witch, is a character on Once Upon a Time. She is portrayed by Katie McGrath and is the Enchanted Forest Counterpart of Corrie Williams.

Cordelia is based on Carolinus from the Rankin and Bass film, Flight of Dragons

History Edit

Before First Curse

Cordelia is one of the most powerful witch sisters and is the Cordelia is a young witch whose parents were Amelia and Everard. She has three older sisters, but one was evil. Someday, Cordelia begins a relationship with a powerful, young warlock named James, but the oldest of her three sisters tries to keep Cordelia and James apart from falling in love. But despite her oldest sister's wishes, the two marry and Cordelia is pregnant with her first-born son. Her oldest sister tries to stop the pregnancy from happening, but her other two sisters Selenia and Lonnie interfere

Ten months later, she gives birth to a son who marries a woman named Priscilla Dickenson

Family Tree Edit

Priscilla Dickinson
Prince Marcus
Hailey Evans
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