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This article is about Davy Jones. For the current holder of the title, see Will Turner. For his locker see Davy Jones' Locker

Life is cruel. Why should the afterlife be any different?

—Davy Jones to a dying sailor src

Davy Jones is a character on Pirates of the Caribbean and Once Upon a Time

Davy Jones is based on the character from sea mythology and the Disney character of the same name from Pirates of the Caribbean.

Before the curse 

Davy Jones is a mortal sailor who catches the eye of Calypso. He is later tasked as ferrymen of the dead. For ten years, Davy Jones serves his purpose as the ferrymen for those lost at sea. However, when he returned, Calypso did not return. Jones grew mad with rage, and showed the Brethren Court to bind Calypso in her human form.  The couple of years consumed Jones in guilt, that Davy Jones cuts out his own heart and stores it in the Dead Man's Chest. He later finds Isle Cruces and buried the item containing its precious possession on the deserted isle for no information. 

During his Curse

Jones ultimately abandons his post and developes aquatic flora and fauna. 

Family tree

Davy Jones