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Listen, I was wrong. When I told you no one can help you. At the church when I said you’re on your own. Okay, I was wrong. You’re not on your own okay? You have me. I’m here. I’m not going anywhere, okay? I’m not going anywhere. Here I am. I’m right here. It’s okay.

—Dick Grayson to Raven

Richard John "Dick" Grayson, formerly known as Robin and also known as Nightwing is a character and one of the two main protagonist in Once Upon a Time in Gotham. He is portrayed by Brenton Thwaites and has no real-world counterpart.

Dick Grayson is based on the character of the same name from DC Comics and Robin from Teen Titans and an allusion to Jason Todd and Tim Drake. 



  • Mary Grayson(mother)
  • John Grayson(father)
  • Melinda Zucco (older half-sister)
  • Stephanie Brown (adoptive sister)
  • Luand'r (mother-in-law)
  • Myand'r (father-in-law)
  • Bruce Wayne (adoptive father)
  • Jason Todd (adoptive brother)
  • Blackfire (sister-in-law)
  • Starfire (wife)
  • Mar'i Grayson (daughter)
  • Jacob Grayson (son)
  • Selina Kyle (adoptive mother)
  • Martha Wayne (adoptive grandmother, deceased)
  • Thomas Wayne † (adoptive grandfather)