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Eloise Jones, also known as the Queen of Diamonds, is a character in Once Upon a Time (fan-fiction).

At some point Eloise was assembled into The Order of the Queens by Cora Mills and met Katrina and Lola the Queens of Diamonds and Clubs.

The four were fugitives of the Land of the Enchanted Forest and later conquered Wonderland and separated it into four different kingdoms.

The Schism

Eventually Lola and Eloise realised that they where not very good beings so they tried to Redeem themselves

this lead to a big fight Lola accidentally froze Katrina's heart, killing her.

Then Lola tried to transport herself away but it went wrong and she exploded.

Marriage and Motherhood

Eloise transported away to the Caribbean where she met Ronald "Ron" Jones a pirate and they got married and had a baby, Hook.

Ron and Eloise began fighting and Hook was then taken away and raised by his mother. Hook left home two years later and began discovering the world.