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Elsa, also known as the Ice Queen is a character featured in Once Upon a Time. She was portrayed by Georgina Haig in season four and returns in Once Upon a Time in the Enchanted Forest. She is also featured inA Frozen, Pirates Hobbit adventure with Evie Turner, Bilbo Baggins and Elsa as main characters.


Emma Swan

Close friend when Elsa is stuck in Storybrooke. They met again in Once Upon a time in the Enchanted Forest, where the heroes return to the Enchanted Forest. Evie Turner Elsa's companion after Arendell is taken over by Hans and Ana, Kristoff and Elsa's newborn niece. Elsa promised Evie that she would help free her father from his Dutchman curse.


Before First Curse

Elsa is born to Queen Gerda and King of Arendelle and is Anna's older sister. However, their parents die at sea leaving Elsa and Anna orphaned and alone. During the day of her coronation, Elsa fled from Arendelle and lived isolated. However, her sister's love for her caused Elsa to return home and bring Arendelle out of an eternal winter. It is also stated by Elsa that when Kristoff dated Anna that Kristoff was actually the first person she actually made sweat.

After Second Curse

Elsa is released from her urn and goes off in a frozen walkway. She then needs to find her sister Anna.

Family tree

King Magnus[1]Queen Astrid[1]
King Olaf[1]
Queen Sonja[1]
King Harald[1]
King of Arendelle
Ingrid IIOlafMarshmallowFlurries


  • † notes the deceased
  • dashed lines signify marriage, engagement or marriage
  • Olaf, Marshmallow, and the Flurries were created through Elsa's ice magic.