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Gustave Destler is based on the character of the same name from the play, The Phantom of the Opera.


Before First CUrse

Gustave is conceived between Christine Daae and Erik, the Phantom of the opera and is later born, named after his grandfather. His mother later enters a loveless marriage between herself and Gustave's step-father, Raoul

After Christine is shot by Meg, she reveals to her son that Erik is his father before dying in the Phantom's arms. gustave follows his mother's advice and looks at Erik without running away and embraces his father's deformed side.


Gustave Daae I †
Mrs. Daaé †
Raoul de Chagny
Christine Daaé
Erik, the Phantom of the Opera
Gustave Daaé II

  • Solid lines indicate a blood parent-child relationship.
  • Dotted lines denote marriages/adoptions.
  • † indicates the deceased
  • Erik and Christine were never married.


Character Notes


  • Gustave is a French variant of the name Gustaf, which translates to "god of the staffs."
    • He is also named after his maternal grandfather.