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Template:Arendelle CharacterPrincess Ingrid, better known as the Snow Queen and also known as Sarah Fisher, is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. She débuts in the second episode of the fourth season. She is portrayed by guest stars Elizabeth Mitchell and Brighton Sharbino.

Ingrid is based on the Snow Queen from the fairytale of the Same name by Hans Christian Anderson. She is also the aunt of the Snow Queen and the snow queen's sister in Frozen.


Before First Curse

Ingrid is once close with her sisters named Gerda and Helga. However, one day, she accidentally kills the elder of the two younger sisters. Gerda, fearing her sister traps Ingrid in the ern and goes to Pabbie for Ingrid and Helga to be forgotton, thus ensuring Gerda to become the next in line for the throne.

However, sometime later, she is released from the ern, where Ingrid meets her niece and begins to bond with Elsa, as well as helping her control her magic.

Later, with the help of the apprentice, Ingrid escapes to the real world.

During First Curse
Sometime after arriving, Ingrid becomes the head of a foster home one of which contains the savior, Emma Swan.Ingrid later adopts Emma for a brief while before the latter of the two believes Ingrid to be crazy and runs off from her crazed foster mother. After that, Ingrid goes to Storybrooke, awaiting for the savior to return home.

Family tree

King Magnus[1]Queen Astrid[1]
King Olaf[1]
Queen Sonja[1]
King Harald[1]
King of Arendelle
Ingrid IIOlafMarshmallowSnowgies


  • Solid lines denote blood relationship
  • Dashed lines denote engagement relationships
  • denotes the deceased
  • Olaf, Marshmallow, and the Flurries were created through Elsa's ice magic. 


Character notes

  • According to Ingrid, she has hundreds of mirrors. Some of them are decorating the walls in her ice cream shop.
  • Ingrid is barefoot, while originally she wore shoes most of the time

Production notes

  • Her adopted alias in Storybrooke is Sarah Fisher. There is a Storybrooke business called "Sara's Ice Cream", which happens to be located right next to Mr. Gold's pawnshop. However, Jane Espenson has clarified that the other ice cream shop does not belong to the Snow Queen.[2]

Cultural references


  • Ingrid says to the foster children that light will be off in fifteen minutes, a reference to the third Lost number. ("Shattered Sight")
  • Ingrid tells young Emma that there are fifteen subconscious signs or tells that a new foster child displays when they're going to run away on their first night in a new home; a reference to Lost number 15. ("Shattered Sight")

Pop culture

  • In a 2011 flashback, Ingrid gives Emma some Rocky Road ice cream at Any Given Sundae. ("Shattered Sight")

Costume notes

  • The gloves given to Ingrid by Rumplestiltskin,][3] is the same pair of gloves worn by Elsa [4] in "There's No Place Like Home", "A Tale of Two Sisters" and "Smash the Mirror".