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Hey, don't worry guys. We'll be back together before you know it.

—Leo to Bree and Chase

Leo Francis Dooley, also known as Leo Davenport, is a character in the fanon universe of ABC's Once Upon a Time. He is portrayed by starring cast member Tyrel Jackson Williams and the real-world counterpart of Leo Dooley. He debuts in the second episode of the eighth season.

Leo is based on the character of the same name from the Disney XD series, Lab Rats and an allusion to the Prince from the fairytale, "Snow White" and the Disney Film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and an allusion to Tucker Foley from the television series Danny Phantom.


Leo becomes Bionic after an accident caused by a friend of his arm. He is made so by Douglas, who Donald blames.

However, Leo remains a hero. On one of these occasions, Leo accidentally blinds his best friend Taylor. Trapped in the new magic land, Leo because of Donald's interdimensional portal to the New Enchanted Forest, where he meets Danny Fenton, a half-ghost. They resolve to find a way to get home and they become close. During his and Danny's adventures in the Enchanted Forest, they rescue a young woman named Snow White, who goes by the name Lucy Winters to protect herself from her sister, Evanna the Evil Queen.

Bionic Abilities

  • Super Strength: Ability to lift anything or anyone without much effort.
  • Laser Sphere Generation - A form of pyrokinesis and the ability to generate laser spheres through his fingers. It can knock down even a bionic human, such as Taylor and Victor Krane.
    • EMP: Joining hands with another person with laser sphere generation, Leo and the other user can use it to cause a blackout in the city.
  • Energy Transference: The ability to transfer a source of energy to another.
  • Super Durability: Leo's bionic arm and leg are more durable than his non-bionic limbs.

Temporary Bionic Abilities

  • Super Speed: The ability to move in a speed that is extremely faster than the average human.
  • Super Intelligence: The ability to have intelligence larger than the average human.


HusbandMrs. Davenport
Mr. Davenport
JaniceMr. Dooley
Tasha Davenport
Donald DavenportDouglas Davenport
Leo Dooley
Adam DavenportBree DavenportMarcus DavenportChase DavenportDaniel Davenport

  • Adam, Bree, Chase and Daniel do not have a known biological mother.
  • Marcus is an android.



  • Leo was named after his grandfather. The name means "lion" in another language.

Character Notes

  • When Leo and his dark reality counterpart were accidentally switched in Paige and Piper's Spell, he saw the day his father left him.
  • Leo is the first bionic to display Laser Sphere Generation.
  • He is bionic in his arm and his leg. While most people take it for granted, Leo being half-Bionic has its advantages, such as immunity towards the Triton App prior to its upgrade. 
  • When Douglas gave Leo his bionic arm, he didn't take to account that Leo would glitch because bionics are not programmed in Leo's nervous system. However, in the events of Undersiege, he gave Leo a capsule for his arm.
  • Is the last character to recieve bionics and the second individual who does not require a chip.


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