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Morgana Pendragon: You are weak, Annis, as I thought you were. Go ahead. Make peace with Arthur. But I will not rest until all of Camelot bows before me.
Annis: Morgana, you came to me in the name of Gorlois, but I fear you're more like Uther than you realise.

—Kilgharrah to Merlin on Morgana

Morgana Pendragon is a character in the Once Upon a Time fan-fiction series and the main antagonist of Merlin and the younger sister of King Arthur.

Morgana Pendragon is based on the witch of the same name in Arthurian legend.

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Before First Curse

Sometime before the Evil Queen conflict, she is encountered by Rumplestiltskin, who taunts her on her relationship with her father and brother. She tells him to leave her alone, which he does, but reminds her that the more she keeps up her terrible attitude then she will get killed. 

This prophecy is true, as Morgana is killed by Merlin

After Third Curse

After her death inflicted by Merlin, Morgana's soul transports to the Underworld, where she builds a house of her own. Her half-brother was saved by Merlin later on, and goes to make peace with her. However, it seems to fail until both of them settle their enmity towards each other, which was Morgana's unfinished buisness.

However, seeing her life has been nothing but misery, Zeus, king of the gods, resurrects her and Morgana lives in Storybrooke with her brother until she finds a place to live

Magical Abilities

  • Blood Magic - Use of one's own blood as a magical seal that can only be broken by someone of the same bloodline.
  • Family Tree

    Uther Pendragon
    Ygraine Pendragon
    MorgauseMorgana PendragonArthur Pendragon
    Guinevere Pendragon


    1. Overthrown by Arthur and his band of knights twice