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Peter Jason Quill, also known as Star-Lord, is a Marvel Universe character inOnce Upon a Time. He is portrayed by Chris Pratt and has no real world counterpart.

Peter Quill is based on the character of the same name from Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy and the Marvel Studios films, Guardians of the Galaxy and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Peter also alludes to the son from the song "Father and Son."


Before First Curse
Peter is born in Missouri on Terra to Meredith Quill and the celestial Ego the Living Planet. However, as a baby, his father leaves Earth to complete his evil scheme in taking over the universe. 

After First Curse
As a child, Peter's mother makes him a tape with songs she listened to as a kid. Often, Meredith tells Quill about his father, calling him "an angel" and "pure of light"One day, they both lay out in a field, listening to the tape together. Another day, and Peter's mother is diagnosed with brain cancer after Ego planted it in her head after three times. When Peter is eight years old, he sits out in a seat in the hospital, listening to his mother's tape.


UncleMeredith Quill
Unknown women †
Sirius Udonta
Una Udonta
Yondu Udonta
Peter Quill


  • † denote the deceased.
  • Solid lines denote parent-child blood relation.
  • Dotted lines denote marriages or adoptions.
  • Ego and Meredith have never been married.
  • Ego and his lovers have never been married.
  • Peter Quill is the adopted son of Yondu Udonta.
  • Mantis is the adopted daughter of Ego.

Powers and Abilities

  • Hybrid Physiology: Being half-celestial half and half-human, Peter has superhuman powers and abilities, as long as Ego's essence was alive. However, Peter seemingly became a regular human after his father's death.
    • Superhuman Durability: Peter seems to have retained superhuman durability. He was able to withstand exposure for an infinty stone and abel to share its powers with the other Guardians.
    • Superhuman Strength:

Former Powers

  • Molecukinesis: Peter has the ability to manipulate matter and control molecules
  • Autokinesis: The Ability to manipulate energy and create constructions by drawing energy from the planet
  • Photokinesis: ability to manipulate light via his father's essence
  • Shape-shifting: Peter is able to change forms. He changes into the form of Pac-Man in the form of yellow rocks joined together.
  • Immortality: As long as the light is burning within Ego's planet, Star-Lord will remain forever living.



  • The name "Peter" is derived from the Greek, Petros, meaning "stone." [1]
  • The surname "Quill" is derived from the object, quill, which is a feather that came from a bird and its main function was used for writting. [2]
  • Peter named himself "Star-Lord," a nickname his mother used to call him.

Character Notes

  • Like his adoptive father, Peter has a collection of figurines and has adapted some of his mannerisms.
  • Peter is thirty-four years old during the events of Vol. 2.
  • Quill is the only Guardian to have green eyes. The rest of the Guardians have blue, brown, and red eyes.
  • Meredith's final letter to Peter reads:


I know these last few months have been hard for you, and I know it's because of the special bond that we share. But I'm going to a better place, and I will be okay and I will always be with you.

You are the light of my life,

My precious son, my little Star-Lord Love, Mom

Production Notes

  • According to Chris Pratt, Star-Lord is a mix of Han Solo and Marty McFly. [3]

Peter's Music

  • While on Morag looking for the orb, Peter is listening to "Come and Get Your Love" by Redbone.
  • As Peter and Bereet are making their escape from Morag on the Milano, they are listening to "Go All the Way" by the band, the Raspberries.
  • Peter listens to "Escape (The Piña Colada Song)" when retrieving his Walkman and while escaping the Kyln.
  • The song Peter sings and dances to in order to distract Ronan from his goals is "O-o-h Child" by Five Stairsteps.
  • "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" is the first song that is listed on Peter's "Awesome Mix Vol. 2 tape.


  • When they are descending down from the wrecked spaceship, Peter calls Yondu "Mary Poppins," a reference to the character of the same name. (Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2)

Popular Culture

  • Before Quill is fully captured by the Sakaarans, he sarcastically calls a Sakarran a "Ninja Turtle", a reference to the group of the same name (Teenage Mutan Ninja Turtles).
  • Peter refers to KITT, the talking car from Knight Rider several times. (Knight Rider)

    • He refers to KITT when correcting Gamora that KITT is a talking car, not a boat.
    • During Yondu's funeral, Peter compares Yondu's arrow to that of the talking car itself.
  • While dancing with Gamora Peter refers to the show and the relationship between Ted Danson's Sam Malone and Shelley Long's Diane Chambers and mirrors their relationship with that of his and Gamora's "unspoken romance." (Cheers)
  • Peter becomes Pac-Man in his battle with his father. (Pac-Man)
  • Peter calls Nebula "Smurfette", a reference to famous female character. (The Smurfs)


  • Peter calling Rocket "Trash panda" is a reference to a meme that featured a raccoon on Reddit that had "trash panda" written across the bottom

Prop Notes

  • Peter owns a blue TPS-L2 Sony Walkman from 1979.
  • Peter has a NASA sticker on his backpack, which is a hidden reference to Peter working with NASA in the original comics.
  • While waiting for the abilisk, Peter is seen holding a Mattel Electronics Classic Football game to track down the beast.

Costume Notes

  • The slogan Peter wears on his shirt reads "A Teneyck Galaxy Invention, a reference to Karen TenEyck, a graphic designer and MCU collaborator who worked on the film.
  • The shirt Peter is wearing when he is abducted is the same one Bereet is wearing when they are leaving from Morag and headed for Xandar.
  • The flame on Peter's shoulder of his red leather jacket is the same one worn by the other Ravagers.
    • Yondu's badge is in similar shape as the flame on Peter's leather trenchcoat.


  • Peter says for twenty years Yondu has been throwing it in his face about saving a young Quill from being eaten by the Yondu Ravager Clan. However, Peter was actually abducted by Yondu and his crew and lived with him for twenty-six years.