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My life was never just one story. It was many stories. To some, a villain. I hurt people... in ways I can never make up for. To others, I'm... a hero. They've seen my strength, my ability to do the hard things, even when I thought I couldn't. I want to start a new story. One where the Evil Queen doesn't get a part.

—Regina to Snow

Regina Mills is a character on Once Upon a Time. She is portrayed by Lana Parilla  and is the Storybrooke counterpart of the Evil Queen and the good version of the Evil Queen.


During First Curse
During the curse, Regina rules Storybrooke with an Iron fist as the town's mayor (Pilot).Sometime after Elizabeth isadopted by Mary Margaret, Regina adopts a baby boy named Henry, unknowingly adopting him from a woman named Emma Swan, who is also the savior

Family Tree


King Xavier
Prince HenryUncle(s)[1]
Robin Hood
ZelenaGuy of Gisborne
King Leopold
Robin HoodEmma Mills
Snow White
Prince Charming
Emma Swan
Neal CassidyPrince Neal
Rosalie Jones
Ella Mills
Henry Mills
Lucy Mills

  1. In "The Miller's Daughter", Cora states that marrying Prince Henry will make her fifth in line to be queen. Following normal rules of succession, this means that four individuals separate Prince Henry from being King. (This could be four older siblings, one older sibling with three children, or any combination in-between.)