Rose Red
Enchanted Forest Character
Biographical Information
Counterpart: Alexa Reed
Status: Alive
Home: Enchatned Forest
Occupation: Princess (formerly)
Physical Description
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Blue
  • Snow White (half-sister)
  • Regina (mother)
  • Henry Mills (adoptive brother)
  • Emma Swan (Half-niece)
  • Cora (grandmother)
  • Henry (grandfather)
  • Zelena (half-aunt)
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Rose Red is a character on Once Upon a Time. She is the half-sister of Snow White and is based on the character of the same name from the fairy tale, "Snow White and Rose Red".

Biography Edit

Before First Curse
Rose Red is born to Regina and King Leopold in the Enchanted Forest. Rose was given a mirror by her mother.

During the First Curse Edit

After the First Curse Edit

Before the Second Curse Edit

During the Second Curse Edit

After the second Curse Edit

Before the Third Curse Edit

During the Third Curse Edit

Rose Red along with her family and friends are sent back to Storybrooke after Emma enacted the Dark Curse.

After the Third Curse Edit

Family treeEdit

Cora's Father
UnknownKing Xavier
Prince Henry
Robin Hood
ZelenaEvil Queen
Regina Mills
Robyn Hood-MillsUnknown
Rose Red
Alexa Reed
Snow White
Prince Charming
FreyaEmma Swan

Relationships Edit

  • Emma Swan: Before Emma was born, Rose Red was exited to have a niece on the way, therefore her daughter would have a cousin to play with. However, as soon as the curse swept int he land, Rose lost Emma and her daughter she named Freya. Years later Emma and her foster sister Freya come home and Rose Red as Alexa gets to know Emma. but wants to learn about her daughter Freya more. 
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