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Selenia‏‎, also known as the Blue Witch is a character on Once Upon a Time. She is portrayed by an unknown actress and is the Storybrooke counterpart of Selene Morgan.

Selenia is based on the character Solarius the Blue Wizard from the Rankin and Bass film, Flight of Dragons.


Before First Curse
Selenia is the third eldest sister of the four witches. She, along with Lonnie and Cordelia defeat their sister Ophelia. Sometime later, Selenia is put under a sleeping spell by her elder sister, along with Prince Marcus, Cordelia, Lonnie and Priscilla Dickinson.

Powers and Abilities

  • Witchcraft
  • True Love Magic: Selenia has true love magic, shown when she kisses her fiance, Jacob from an eternal sleep.
  • Hydrokinesis: as the witch of the sea, Selenia has power over water, as well as creating water.


Priscilla Dickinson
Prince Marcus
Hailey Evans



  • The name "Selina" is of Greek origin, usually translating into the word "moon" and is usually an alternate form of the other Greek name, Selena [1]
    • Her cursed surname "Morgan" means circling sea or great brightness; bright or white sea dweller", [2] referring to her heritage as the blue witch

Cultural References

Pop culture

  • Selenia's snide remark of being foolish of even letting Poseidon joining their conflict against Ophelia is a reference to her original cartoon counterpart of wanting the great sea king to join in their struggles to defeat his brother, Ommadon.