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I have not thought this through. Loki and I haven't planned on having children together because we're still trying to find my niece and sister-in-law, but I don't know where the future will lead me one day.

—Sigyn to Ella

Princess Sigyn, currently known as Victoria "Tori" Winters, is a character in ABC's Once Upon a Time. She is portrayed by Abigail Spencer.

Sigyn is based on the goddess of the same name from Norse Mythology and the character of the same name from the Thor comcis.


Sigyn is the half-sister of Valkyrie and are raised by a neglectful uncle. Overtime, Sigyn and all the other asgardians are worshiped as gods down on Earth by mortals known as the Scandinavians. She falls in love with Loki, the Prince of Asgard, but decides not to say anythong. Loki himself falls in love with her. They eventually meet and enter a relationship.

After Ragnarok, and the battle won, Sigyn and Loki eventually marry, especially happy about Thor and Sif having their first child together. However, a vengeful Asgardian sorceress sends Loki and Sigyn to Storybrooke, Maine, and Torunn and Sif to a land without magic, and Thor to the New Enchanted Forest, separating the family. With aid from Emma and Hook, they are able to open a portal to one of their family members: Thor. In this new realm, the duo reunite with Thor, who i s searching for his wife and daughter. They meet new realm friends, where Sigyn immediately hits off a friendship with Ella Mills, Henry's wife. The two women learn a lot about each other, especially having the loss of both parents and wicked stepmothers, or in this case for Sigyn, an neglectful uncle. Sigyn later expresses to Ella that she must be excited in being a mother. Ella responds that she is and asks Sigyn if she and Loki are going to have children. The question causes Sigyn to spit out her drink, and realize, that they haven't been planning this far, as Sigyn says they're too busy looking for her niece and sister in law.

Eight years after Lucy's birth, Sigyn and Loki are present when she is about to blow her candles. However, they are interrupted with the arrival of the Coven of the Eight and the freeing of Drizella   

After Regina cast the curse to save Henry and Loki, Sigyn becomes Tori Winters. In this new life, Tori has false memories of getting into a fight with their husband, and that they are in the middle of a divorce. However, Drizella wakes up Tori, who regains memories as her life as Sigyn, and remembers what happens if the curse breaks: Loki and Henry will die. She realizes she can do nothing about it but Tori, remembering that she and Tom are going through a divorce is relieved that the curse will remain intact and will spare both men. However, the couple is brought together, and both Tom and Tori spark up a one-night stand, resulting in Tori becoming pregnant.

She learns the truth but decides to keep her pregnancy a secret from Loki, whose curse, as well as Henry's are broken.

After the Curse breaks, Tom's memories as Loki return to him and the couple lovingly embrace one another, where he understands why Tori kept her pregnancy a secret.


Tori Winters
Loki Laufeyson
Tom Winters


  • Solid lines denote blood parent-child relationships
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  • † denotes the deceased
  • Sigyn and Valkyrie's parents are unknown.