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Sometimes, it's best to leave others alone. But when it comes to criminals like you, you got to know when to kick some asses. I am not lost. I am found! I am not week, I am strong! I am not the Spoiler or Robin! I am Stephanie, daughter of Batman and Crystal Brown and I will not stop till I've taken you in!

—Stephanie to Slade Wilson.

Stephanie Brown, formerly known as Robin and currently known as Spoiler is a character and one of the two main protagonists in Once Upon a Time in Gotham. She is portrayed by Sarah Jeffery

Stephanie is based on the character of the same name from DC Comics and allusion to Cassandra Cain.


Born to Crystal and Arthur Brown, Steph's mother dies in childbirth, leaving her father overprotective of her. she looks up to and admires her father. However, unknown to Steph, her father becomes the notorious criminal, the Cluemaster, and one of Batman's greatest foes. (Not All Heroes)

As a child, she idolizes Batman and his sidekick Robin. Watching them from afar, she recalls how Dick Grayson saved her from a depowered Dr. Light and returned her home to her father. (Beware the Spoiler)

At age fourteen, Stephanie encounters two boys: Chase, who reluctantly brought his brother Leo with him. As they do not know their way around Gotham, she decides to help them in taking down a supervillain, Dr. Gao, who has a deal with the Cluemastey, Stephanie's personal nemesis.  Knowing the streets Stephanie helps them locate the two villains, but the brothers leave her in a safe place.  During the recon mission she catches the villains identity as her father. As the brothers fight Dr. Gao, Arthur escapes without the kryptonite. Afterwards, the brothers show their gratitude to Stephanie, who tells Chase and Leo that their heroics inspired her to become a superhero herself and take down her father. Chase and Leo offer their assistance, but she refuses because she thinks she can find her own way. The three friends bid each other apart as Steph returns home, but remains oblivious to her father's upset nature. Despite accepting a warm hug from Arthur, Stephanie swears behind his back that she will expose her father as the criminal he is but first decides to do it slowly. (Get a Clue)

Eventually catching her father's lies, a pre-teen Steph grows to 'spoil' her father's plans, leaving clues for Batman and Robin to follow.  Stephanie encounters the duo at ten years old. Five years later, the two heroes unmask each other, leaving a very confused fifteen-year-old Stephanie as she remembers the superhero as the Detective Dick Grayson, who rescued her from Dr Light. (Beware the Spoiler)

After her father's arrest, Stephanie was adopted by Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle despite her age at sixteen, keeping the name Spoiler. (Not All Heroes)

She grew close with Rachel Roth and gar Logan, where she helped Rachel banish her father bank to his own dimension. (Bleak December)

Eventually, she has a relationship with the superhero Danny Phantom, but the two realize that their relationship is more platonic because Stephanie and Danny are in love with two different people who are their best friends.

With Dick and Jason taking new identities, Stephanie abandons the Spoiler alias and becomes the third Robin. (Not All Heroes)



  • In the original comics, Stephanie was blonde haired; in OUAT in Gotham, but is half-Latina like Regina Mills.
  • When confronting Deathstroke, Stephanie proclaims herself as the "daughter of Batman and Crystal Brown, showing she officially did disregard her father as her father
  • Stephanie mentions that she never saw her father in the same way again after learning his identity as the Cluemaster, he threatened her with a canister of acid at age thirteen.